Megan Metro
Megan coached and skated with the Award Winning Empire Synchronized adult team and coach of the beginner synchro team. Megan began skating at the age of 7. She quickly fell in love with the sport and skated on the Achilles Synchronized skating team. Megan obtained her Gold Medal in Ice Dancing. Her first job out of college was in the Philadelphia area, where she competed as a member of the Philly Spirit Adult Synchro Team before relocating to NY and continuing to coach.

Shea Foley
Shea began skating at 5, her coaching career as helper at 8, and became a gold medalist in Moves in the Field, at 14. She has coached Learn to Skate with Albany FSC for 10 years. Shea brings her detail oriented approach to developing skaters, ensuring a strong foundation upon which to build. Currently, Shea is advancing through ice dancing. Shea coached at rinks in the New York City area during college where she was a NCAA Division 1 athlete. Shea teaches freestyle, moves in the field, learn to skate, beginning dance, group lessons and off-ice.  (518) 331-2613 or

Kylar Coleman-Foley
Kylar began skating at 2 and has been a volunteer and coach with the Learn to Skate program for 10 Years. She has competed individually and as a synchro team member. Kylar has passed her Novice Moves in the Field and Pre-juvenile Freestyle tests. She is a student at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, taking classes remotely.  and enjoys sharing her love of skating—

Stefanie Walsh
Stefanie is a former professional skater for Disney on Ice and a current licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy.  She is a Certified Pilates Instructor, Professional Skaters Association Certified Rated Free Skate coach and US Figure Skating National Network Provider serving as a sports medicine professional for Team USA.  She is the owner of Revolution Performance & Pilates, LLC. where she trains figure skaters of all levels on and off the ice.  Most recently, she has been working with Team USA Junior International Skaters off the ice in a virtual format.  Her passion is to help all people feel better, live happier and build self- confidence through the process.

Stephanie Felberbaum
Stephanie is a gold medalist in Moves in the Field and has passed her Intermediate Freestyle test and pre-gold dance test. She has competed in synchronized skating for 9 years and is currently skating on the Adrian College Collegiate team.

Kate Vanderlofske
Coaches: Learn to Skate

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