Empire Synchronized Skating

Empire Blades

Empire Blades – Beginner Team – Competing at Miele Synchronized Skating Open

One of the fastest growing programs in figure skating, Synchronized Skating brings the fun and excitement of a team sport to figure skating, while combining the grace of ballet, the elegance of ice dancing, and the beauty of pair skating to create an incredible group performance on ice.
Skaters learn how to skate in unison while performing basic blocks, wheels, lines, intersections, circles, creative elements and much more. Synchronized skaters also make new friends, learn to work together and travel for shows and competitions. Skaters create lifetime bonds and friendships with their teammates, while doing what they love…SKATING!

Empire Synchronized Skating will field a Beginner level team for the 2016-2017 season.

Empire Synchro Questions please contact: Elissa Baker at empiresynchro@gmail.com.

NEW! For the 2016-2017 season a regional synchronized skating initiative was started between Albany FSC and Saratoga Springs FSC, The Capital District of New York (CDNY) Regional Synchronized Skating Teams.

CDNY Questions please contact: Mary Ellen O’Loughlin at oloughlinssfsc@aol.com.

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